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About The Facial Festival

We are pleased to announce that VL Aesthetics is holding its first ever Facial Festival from the 15th October – 20th October. During the festival we will be showcasing a range of the most innovative, clinically proven Medi Facials for: anti-ageing, pigmentation, acne, rosacea, dry skin, and dehydrated skin. A ticket costs £29 and includes:

  • Champagne & Canapés on Arrival
  • LED Express Facial – Worth £45
  • iS Clinical Products – Worth £30
  • Exclusive Festival Offers

Places are limited to 50 people, so please buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment.


Places Are Limited

Light Therapy is a well-established treatment within the medical community (it is even used by NASA as a way of preventing bone and muscle atrophy in astronauts).

The LED Express Facial by Déesse Pro® is the leading, clinically proven Light Therapy treatment.

Depending on the wavelength used, the facial can:

  • Improve the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  • Detox and decongest the skin.
  • Remove acne, inflammation, and redness.

The Déesse Pro LED mask uses medical-grade, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to deliver Low Level Light Therapy.

LEDs stimulate the basic energy processes in the mitochondria (energy compartments) of each cell, thereby enhancing collagen production.

In general:

Red Light Therapy: Stimulates collagen production to improve the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Blue Light Therapy: Kills bacteria to detox and decongest the skin, and remove acne, inflammation, and redness.

More specifically, there are 8 different treatment options available, depending on your skin type and concerns:

  • Anti-ageing – near infrared light (830nm) plus red light (630nm).
  • Purifying – near infrared light (830nm) plus blue light (415nm).
  • Detoxifying – near infrared light (830nm) plus yellow light (580nm).
  • Brightening – near infrared light (830nm) plus green light (520nm).
  • Post procedure – near infrared light (830nm) plus red light (630nm) plus blue light (415nm).
  • Calming – near infrared light (830nm) plus green light (520nm) plus blue light (415nm).
  • Purifying & detoxifying – near infrared light (830nm) plus yellow light (580nm) plus blue light (415nm).
  • Purifying & brightening – near infrared light (830nm) plus green light (520nm) plus blue light (415nm).

Many people notice a difference immediately after the treatment is complete. However, the most visible results appear 24 hours after the treatment.

Yes. The LED Express Facial is ‘clinically proven’. It means that it has been put through scientific testing and has been shown to work for everyone.

Results can vary from person to person, depending on your skin type and the severity of your condition.

No, there is no downtime with the LED Express Facial - The treatment is simple, easy, and effective.

Very safe. The LED Express Facial has been scientifically tested and is clinically proven.

However, although the medi-facial is very safe, it is not suitable for people with certain medical conditions, people who have recently had facial surgery, or people with specific allergies.

We carry out a full medical assessment before starting your treatment, so if you are not a suitable candidate, we will find out before your programme begins.

There are usually no side effects at all - the LED Express Facial is a ‘zero downtime’ treatment. This means you shouldn’t experience any significant shedding, redness, irritation, or inflammation after your treatment.

The results are usually long term, but if your condition is more severe, your symptoms are likely to come back again at some point in the future.

For people with more severe conditions, we recommend more regular LED facials to keep your symptoms at bay.

Yes – many of our treatment programmes come with convenient payment plans.

Located just outside of the town centre on Kingmoor Road, we are very easy to get to and have lots of free parking space – We’re on the left past Austin Friars School heading towards Rockliffe, or if you’re coming of the bypass on Kingmoor Road (East) roundabout follow the sign for Etterby under the low bridge and we’re ¼ of a mile on the right.

Why VL Aesthetics?

For over 10 years we’ve been helping people in Cumbria to change the way they look and feel. Here’s why 1000s of people have chosen VL Aesthetics:

  • 10 years in Carlisle
  • An expert team of cosmetic doctors, aestheticians, and beauty therapists
  • Tailor-made treatments and programmes designed to your specific needs
  • Award-winning, clinically proven products and technologies
  • State of the art facilities in a private setting, with changing rooms, showers, and lots of free parking space
  • 5 star review rating on Facebook and Google with over 100 5-star reviews
  • Known for our professional and friendly approach
  • Easy payment plan option

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